September 24th - October 1st 2018


Norway, Sogn og Fjordane

Opening Statement

The International Youth Peace Conference 2018 (IYPC) invites participants from around the world who are aged 16-25 to join us in Sogn og Fjordane, Western Norway for our opening conference and workshop series.
Our theme this year is CLIMATE CHANGE and PEACE and features several engaging and inspiring workshops hosted at different venues in the region. As well as experiencing some of the best scenery and hospitality Norway has to offer, participants will enjoy a range of social activities and cultural events including the Youth Peace Concert. Our overall goal is to promote a spirit of mutual learning and respect, with the view to fostering lasting networks that span the globe.
Do you have an open heart and mind and are looking to making this a safer more equitable world for all? Then join us this autumn in the land of the fjords. See further details below.

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The conference is made up of different workshops. The opening event is a combination of a debate and a workshop, themed “Climate Change Voices”. The event is part of the Norwegian Research Days and takes place at the Heibergske Samlinger. The public is cordially invited to join.

Workshops for international participants of the Youth Peace Conference take place between September 24th- October 1st, and are located in different municipalities in Sogn og Fjordane.

The grand final event, the Youth Peace Concert, closes the IYPC 2018 on October, 1st. Follow the links below for further information on each of the workshops and their respective locations.

Deborah Davies,

Climate Smart Cities I: City Planners

Background: Cities are the powerhouses of economic growth, with 80% of global GDP being produced within them. But they are like living organisms too with an endless appetite

Deborah Davies,

Climate Smart Cities II: City Builders

Background: Our urban life is made up of different elements. Layers of infrastructure are constantly being  developed, redesigned and rebuilt, making it possible to live in our

Deborah E. Davies, Victoria Slaymark

Climate Change Action Day 1: Food for Thought

During this day, the group will be divided up with one group focusing on climate change action in connection with food consumption and the other group focusing

Deborah E. Davies, Pål Kielland

Norwegian Glacier Museum and Climate Centre, Fjærland

Norwegian Glacier Museum and Climate Centre, Fjærland

 Deborah E. Davies & Pål Kielland/ Workshop coordinator  

 09:00 - 15:00

The Norwegian Glacier Museum & Ulltveit-Moe Climate

Valeria Jana Schwanitz & August Wierling

Climate Change Negotiations Game

Participate in the Role Play Game "World Climate" with up to 150 other participants! The atmosphere is a global common and we need a global treaty to stop the dumping

The Youth Change Makers Talks and Exhibitions

The IYPCA Youth Peace Talk 2017 is bringing together young minds from around the world to share groundbreaking ideas and stories from their journeys. Join us on October 5th at the Sogndal Kulturhus for an exhibition of poetry, posters, music, and photos from the refugee journey before An evening of six speakers and a musical performance to explore the new ways in which we can work together to save the planet we all live on, be that through the environment, or by helping the people in front of us.


Find out more here:

Youth Peace Concert

For 9 days youngsters from all over the world gather together to Sogn to discuss global challenges related to climate change . The Youth Peace Concert invites artists and youth groups with an understanding of Peace and Climate issues to attend parallel music and artistic workshops and work together in producing collaborative work.  As a conclusion to the conference, all the community will be invited to a national concert featuring established artists as well as the groups involved in the conference.  For more information on how to be part of the concert, visit the concert page.

Conference Aims and Objectives

Your voices count! This is the core principle of the International Youth Peace Conference Association (IYPCA) and we aim to create a collaborative environment where participants can explore the links between peace, climate change, ecology, food, and international politics.

The objective of this conference is to bring together young people from all walks of life and from all countries across the globe to join us in:

Generating new ideas and approaches to meet the challenges of climate change;

  • Cultivating a better understanding of the tradeoffs in managing the impacts of climate change;
  • Fostering better communication and leadership skills;
  • Taking an active stand against war, hatred and ignorance;
  • Making this conference a truly exciting, once in a life time experience.

Why is this conference different?

The International Youth Peace Conference is different from that of other conferences because we want to hear what you have to say. Many of the workshops will be driven by the thoughts of the international students help create a diverse and distinct environment. The workshops will also take place in beautiful locations and will help to inspire your creative minds.

The conference aims to tie together the themes of peace, climate change, nature, food, international politics, policy development and societal transition. The solutions found by the young participants will be brought back to decision makers and potential sponsors to make their voices count and their solutions matter.

We want to help build knowledge, and to foster discussion and create pro-active and multi-cultural ideas throughout the conference. Our conference’s format will remove the borders between experts and audience that typically persist in traditional conferences so that what you have to say will be heard.

Who can attend the workshops?

The International Youth Peace Conference 2017 (IYPC) invites participants aged 16-25. The number of participants to the 5 different workshops is limited to 150.


We are an enthusiastic international team ready to serve you. Read more about us by clicking on each of our photos. You can also email us directly for any suggestions for improvement or queries.



Conference Manager

Oddbjørn Litlabø



Workshop Coordinator


Creative Director

Benjamin Gow

Communications officer and Youth Talk Coordinator

Alëx Christopher Elliott



Concert Director

Joshua Jenkins

Administration officer


Carbon Footprint Director


Workshop Coordinator

Léa Oval

Youth Videographer

Collins Gameli Hodoli

Communications and Fund Raising Officer

Mathilde Buch Larsen

Social Welfare Officer


United Nations Youth Associations Network representative to IYPCA


Workshop Coordinator

Carbon Neutral

Our goal is to organize a conference that is carbon neutral. We want to achieve this by minimizing the carbon footprint and offsetting the remaining emissions. The conference’s carbon footprint will be transparently and visibly displayed at the website.

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Our strategy
• We will track emissions caused by the conference. This includes direct emissions (transport around the venues, food-related emissions, waste handling and energy usage during the conference) and indirect emissions (emissions caused by travel during the preparation of the conference, transport of participants to Sogndal, accommodation of participants).

• We work on avoiding emissions from the start by designing a logistical arrangement that comes at the lowest emission costs. This means thinking thoroughly about the location of the workshops, social events, and accommodation of speakers and participants. We prefer walking distances wherever possible. We also prioritize cooperation with local producers and service providers. We will cooperate closely with hotel owners to see where we all can improve.

• We work on avoiding waste from the start. This means understanding methods of providing and serving food at workshops and social events. For example, we prefer food that has been produced locally and organically. We won’t be using plastic bags, plastic plates and cutlery, we ask to minimize packaging and we will make the vegetarian option the default. We prefer recycled and reusable material for all workshops and social events.

• We will involve participants who will arrive from different countries in the world and who themselves may want to contribute with useful ideas and suggestions. We will provide incentives to avoid flying – or at least multiple-flying – where possible. We will encourage energy- and resource-saving behavior throughout the conference. For example, we hope that we can be a role model by not being online when we actually see each other face-to-face.


The IYPCA invites youth from around the world to attend the International Youth Peace Conference on Climate Change in Sogndal, Norway, from September 24th to October 1st, 2018.

This is a youth conference, and only open to students aged 16-25

In order to register to attend, complete this Google FormThe final date to register yourself to join the conference is the 4th June 2018. All successful candidates will receive a formal letter of confirmation from the IYPCA and a link to our online booking office.

Tickets are priced at 7450 NOK per person. Tickets cover all food and accommodation for the duration of the conference from 12pm 30th September until 12pm 8th October. Tickets also cover transport costs between the venues, all workshop materials and equipment, special lectures, social activities, museum entrance and tickets to the closing Youth Conference Ceremony and Concert in the Sogndal Stadium.

The online ticket office will be open from 7th August to the 10th September. Registered participants will receive their link to the ticket office via email.

Need help getting here? try crowdfunding your travels using and we will help spread the word through our networks to get that funded.

Limited availability only 150 places available.

Tickets are non-refundable but can be transferred to other candidates


Conference Outcome

After attending the conference, participants are committed to inform governments, politicians, companies, schools and organizations about the Youth`s suggestions for multinational agreements developed under the conference.


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Event FAQS / find your answers

1. Why have I not received a registration confirmation e-mail?

You should automatically receive an email within 48 hours upon applying. Failure to receive one could be as a result of a faulty email address. Please ensure that you use a valid email address. We assume no responsibility if communications cannot be sent to you due to a faulty e-mail address.

2. The registration deadline for the meeting is over, can I still register?

You can email us directly at and we will confirm any available slots.

3. Can you send me a visa letter for my visa application?

Yes, we can send you a letter for your visa application. Please email us with the subject line, (Visa application) Please note that no visa letters can be issued before being accepted to the conference.

4. I have already registered for this conference. Can I make changes to my registration?

Please note that the data you entered will appear on your name badge, receipt, abstract book, certificate of participation etc as you insert it. If you have made an error do not hesitate to send us an email with the subject line (registration error).

5. How long does it take before I receive an answer to the conference application?

You will receive an answer within 3-4 weeks upon registration.  Please understand that we want to give every application the same chances to be reviewed properly.

6. How does the speaker selection take place?

For more information please contact

7. Is financial aid available for the conference?

At the moment, we cannot guarantee financial aid but more information will be updated on the webpage.

8. How can I get to Sogndal either by public transport or private means?

All participants shall arrive at Sogndal on the first day of the conference.

Information on how to get to Sogndal can be found on

9. Do you organise individual airport transfers for participants?

No, we do not. But in the event of any problems, kindly contact us and the hospitality team would gladly help.

10. Where will we stay and how do we travel from one workshop to another?

Accommodation, meals, and transport from one workshop to the other shall be provided by the conference only during the period of the conference.

11. What language is spoken at the conference?

The language of communication is English. Unfortunately,  no translations are currently available.

12. How can I take part in the conference as a volunteer?

You can send us an email with the subject as (volunteer)

Visit Sognefjord

Sogn og Fjordane region sums up the allure of Norway’s most scenic nature, iconic fjords, Scandinavian traditions with a unique diversity of rich Viking traces which offers a myriad of experiences. Visit Sognefjord for the beautiful glacial mountain ranges and wide sprawling lakes. For more information about the region, hotel bookings and sightseeing opportunities click here.


Participants shall be booked into the Kviknes Hotel, Vesterland Feriepark, and The Quality Hotel during their period of stay. All are advised to carry light luggage to ease transportation.